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IDS Pulse delivers true multi-touch products for displays
from small(20 inch) to very large(100+ inches) screens,
as well as bare modules for OEM integration, distribution into
vertical markets, or direct application into custom solutions with
the next generation IR technologies.

IDS Pulse touch screens are the most rugged and
functional multi-touch system available to date for large displays.
They connect to any PC via a single USB connector, have no parts that wear
or degrade over time and will perform flawlessly under all conditions.
IDS Pulse touch screens work flawlessly
in touch, drawing and multi-touch modes.

Compact designs that fits in a slim, low
profile frame around the screen periphery.

Simple, modular design has no
moving parts or expensive
or delicate components.
IDS Pulse offers a full line of next-generation IR-based
touch screens, which are built on two most
advanced multi-touch technologies.

M-Series PulseIR and S-Series ScatteredIR
products offer smooth, high-speed
tracking of up to 40 simultaneous points.
L-Series are custom, large-format models
that we offer for large displays
and matrix video walls.
IDS Pulse will introduce new ways people work, communicate,
and play in the digital world by introducing touch solutions
in all areas, including interactive kiosks and digital signs,
education and training, communication,
virtual meetings, games, entertainment,
art and design, sports, medical, military,
and facility control.

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